By the end of last decade, it seemed like Sony was done for. The storied Japanese electronics company had had years of turbulence, marked with severe losses due to failed consumer ventures, other electronic companies superseding them, and their content ventures unable to turn a profit.

However, once Kaz Hirai was promoted to the CEO of the entire company, he turned it around- so much so that now, shortly after Hirai stepped down from his position earlier this year, Sony’s stock has touched a ten year high, according to THR. Now trading at over $51 a share, this also marks a 4% growth in share price over the last day alone.

Undoubtedly, the success of PlayStation, where PS4 continues to move from strength to strength even in its fifth year in the market, and its games and services continue to generate incredible amounts of revenue, has something to do with this. Hopefully, Sony only continues making more fantastic products, and getting the success that is deserved.

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